Virtual Obstacle Shows


2021 Obstacles Challenge

This is NOT part of the VOS Shows and competition!  This is a stand alone challenge and you do NOT have to be a member to join in! 

New for 2020, VOS is offering an opportunity for you to get to work with your horse on obstacles and take home some great goodies for it!  

We here at VOS Challenge YOU to get to work!  When you join and accept the challenge, you will join an exclusive, private, group on facebook where you can share your adventures (high and low) with like-minded equine enthusiasts!  You do not have to be a VOS member to participate! 

How it works:  

    * Sign up on our VOS Entry page for a 1 time fee that will last you all year long. VOS, What if I sign up later in the year?  No worries.  There are opportunities for prizes every month and again at the end of the year.  

    * Join our private Facebook group. 

    * Complete some form of Obstacle Work with your horse 10 time per month.  That can be introducing a new obstacle in hand, practicing an old familiar under saddle or encountering a natural obstacle on the trail.  

    * Share about your obstacle experience on the private facebook group.  We love pictures and videos, but a written story is great too.  

    * You are entered to win!  At the end of every month, when you have completed your 10 sessions, you will be entered into a monthly drawing for a prize from one of our great sponsors!  At the end of the year, for every month you have completed the 10 sessions, you will be entered into a drawing for a custom headstall from Sugar Lady Studio!  Other winners will receive other various prizes.  

    * None of this would be complete without a little help.  Each month the private group will receive an obstacle tip, which you can put to use that month for a bonus!  

So jump in and join up today!  We are excited for a supportive opportunity to help you grow with your horse! 

If you have joined already, be sure to request joining our private group on facebook!