Virtual Obstacle Shows


-All scores given are final and cannot be adjusted unless a data entry error occurred or it was determined a ride was to be disqualified.  A rider can only receive zeroes at an obstacle if the rider passes on an obstacle.  

-Riders must be at least 8 years of age.

-A rider under the age of 18 is considered a minor.  Minors must wear a properly fitted SEI/ASTM approved riding helmet for all videos or the ride will be disqualified.

-All riders assume the risk of horseback riding as participants in an VOS event.  All riders must sign a waiver of liability at the time of online registration acknowledging their assumption of risk in order to participate. 

-Any discipline or tack is acceptable, but you will be judged on the proper use of it.  

-Proper equestrian attire should be worn.  Shoes/boots must have a heel.  No shorts, sneakers, flip-flops. Although full western or english attire is not required, it does make a nicer turn out and complete package.  If two rides score exactly the same, the rider with better turn out may get a higher overall score.

-A horse which shows an obvious lameness will be disqualified.

-The use of any excessive force or harsh training methods to any equine is not allowed and will incur a disqualification.

-Riders are expected to provide appropriate tack to maintain control of their horse.

-Horse and rider are awarded 0-10 points each for their obstacle.  A 10 denotes a perfect score, a 5 an average attempt and a 1 means attempted, but did not execute obstacle.  An additional overall score is given for the ride of 0-10 points, with 5 being average.

-Notes about judging:

    You are being judged on your partnership with your horse.

    Horse should proceed at rider's cue without hesitation.

    Any form of spooking, disobedience, stepping away, or refusal will incur a penalty.

    Horse may regard obstacle for a moment, but prolonged hesitation will incur a penalty.

    Rider should have a centered and balanced seat, straight posture and eyes forward.

    Soft use of reins/bit will be rewarded.

    Subtle cues will score higher than obvious cues or heavy/harsh use of hands and legs.

    A calm, patient, willing horse will score higher than nervousness or rushing.

    A good attitude of the horse is desireable.  Signs of aggravation or stress will be penalized.

    Maintain cadence with all movement.

    Always stay centered when crossing over or through obstacles.

    While not required, one hand on a shanked bit used with finesse will score higher.

-Any rider/horse combination winning 3 classes may not compete in Novice division the next season

-A show season will be 6 months long.  2 Show seasons per year.

-Season and lifetime points go with a horse and rider combination.  Season end awards go to each division.  Lifetime achievement awards can be earned from any and all divisions. 

-Points will be accumulated at each show based on your results.  1 participation point for all entries that complete and send in their video by deadline.  6 points for 1st, 5 points for 2nd and down. 

-Achievement awards will be awarded when a horse and rider combination reach 50, 100, 250 & 500 points. 

-Show prizes will be mailed to 1st - 3rd place winners if there are 5-12 participants in a class.  13-15 participants will get to 4th place prizes, 16-20 participants through 5th and 21 & over participants will receive prizes to 6th. 

-Once entered in a class, you will be given the obstacle diagram and course on the first day of the show.  Shows are open for 7 days.  By show close of 7th day video must be submitted via email, preferably with a youtube link.  

-You may enter up to the last day of the show, but videos must still be submitted by the date provided, not 7 days from sign up. 

-Cancelations will not be refunded or transferred to another show.  VOS will happily transfer your entry to a Judge's Review so you may see what your score would have been. 

-Videos are to be 1 continuous video, no breaks or stops within video. Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes in length unless stated in directions.  Over music is allowed IF you can still hear the sounds of the horse and rider.